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Friesian Horse Stallions for Sale
Lukas 324 passed on October 2011, he is greatly missed. Frozen semen is currently available for breeding.

Lukas 324 is the sire to top quality offspring that continue to meet the high standards of the Dutch Breeding System – KFPS and FHANA. The athleticism and superb temperament Lukas passes on to his offspring is unrivaled.

Lukas 324 contributes a bloodline in the Friesian Breed that introduces the competitive horse world to the Friesian Sport Horse.

His capabilities give a perfect example of the versatility that is now desired by so many to meet the demands of competition in all aspects of the horse world, be it driving, dressage, pleasure riding, or western pleasure.
Lukas 324 enjoying the desert wildflowers at his ranch home

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Lukas 324 Lukas 324 has performed as the Ambassador for the Friesian breed for both the United States and Holland. He has compteted for many years in all phases of competition which included Dressage and ring work: Combined Driving, regular, and ring driving.
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